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Custom Loaded 27mm d20 Chonk

Custom Loaded 27mm d20 Chonk

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THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER and usually ships within 2-4 weeks of purchase. All other items in your order will wait to ship until this item is complete.

Do you want a chonky d20 loaded to a face of your choosing? In the color of your choosing? Then this is the item for you!

Once you purchase this item, please fill out this form, which is where you tell me about number(s) you'd like the d20 weighted to, and what colors you'd like.

Three sample loaded d20s are shown in the image, but you can choose whatever colors you'd like. Your loaded d20 will be 27mm in diameter and have the Interstellar Dice logo on the 20 face.

This item costs $80. If you want multiple loaded d20 in the same color, each additional loaded d20 will cost $70. If you would like a matching fair d20, I can make that for $50.

A few common questions:
How weighted are these dice? You can see a video demo of it rolling here!
Can you tell that it is loaded when you hold it? Yes, absolutely.
Can you tell that it is loaded when you see it? If you choose an opaque color, no (not until you roll it!)
How??? I put lead weights on one side to increase its density, and an empty glass orb on the other to decrease the density of that side.

What these d20s CAN be:
1. One solid color
2. Pearlescent or not
3. Opaque or translucent (which will show the lead weights inside) 
4. A blend of craft glitters
5. Matte or gloss finish

What these d20s CANNOT be:
1. Multi-colored / layered
2. More/Less weighted than seen here
3. A different size
4. A numerical 20 on the high face in place of my logo

If you would like something more complicated than the parameters described here, you should instead fill out my commissions form and we can discuss!

Please be aware these dice are handmade and therefore may have micro scratches, mold marks, or small nicks. Any notable flaws will be listed below.